We focus on providing primary care in under-resourced areas, basic health education, and public health interventions.


Interprofessional health care clinics

Our interprofessional clinics include health professions students and faculty from diverse fields as nursing, family nurse practitioner, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and pharmacy. In these primary care clinics patients are screened, have a basic physical exam, may be referred to physical and/or occupational therapy, and get basic medications at our pharmacy. The focus of these clinics is to provide primary care in regions that lack health care resources.



health education

Providing basic education about safely taking medications, basic first aid, the dangers of smoke exposure, limiting alcohol intake, dealing with common conditions such as wounds or urinary tract infections, and safe lifting techniques are all topics our health education sessions have focused on to improve the overall health of the communities we serve. We work with our in-country partners to best determine a community's health education needs to ensure our patients can benefit.



Public health

To decrease the health effects of cooking smoke exposure and to help limit the impact on the local environment, we have started working with communities to build more efficient eco-stoves. These stoves vent all of their smoke outside of the cooking area and use less wood. They are built from locally sourced and available materials.

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