All photography taken in country by HFGH participants

Working with our in-country partners, we facilitate primary care clinics and public health interventions in Latin American countries in need. Let us help your group make a meaningful trip like this a reality.


Our Mission

Hands for Global Health works to improve the health and welfare of indigenous peoples of Latin America primarily, to empower health professions students from the United States to take leadership roles in global health research and practice in Latin America, and to engage in public health interventions that reach the unreachable.

The medical brigade to Panama profoundly effected my outlook on my role as a health care professional. I got to explore a country and its culture, I made new friends, expanded my understanding and respect for the other programs and their scope of practice, gained invalubale experience treating patients with my professors teaching me along the way, and got the opportunity to be part of an interprofessional team devoted to treating each individual with quality care and respect.
— Megan Mullin, student physical therapist, Samuel Merritt University

What We've Achieved

  • Three-day, interprofessional, medical clinics in rural Panama to provide much needed primary care and health education.
  • Eco-health project started to provide healthy eco-stoves in rural Panama to improve lung health & reduce environmental impact.